Every now and then, an artist comes along whose vocal abilities belie their age. Well, donít kid yourself about Pop musicís beautiful new Wonder Girl... having turned 23 years old, Jacynthe (pronounced Jah-saint) has a lifetime of singing experience behind her.  Born and raised in Quebec, Jacynthe began singing at the tender age of three years old and attended a fine arts school called F.A.C.E. in Montreal where she developed her wonderful singing talent and wrote her first song at the tender age of seven!  

At 16 years old, Jacynthe signed her first recording contract and began her incredible success with five number one hits in French Canada, four top 40 hits in English Canada, a JUNO Nomination, FELIX Nomination and performing, recording and promoting around the world in many countries such as in Japan, Sweden, England, France, Italy and the USA.

Most people though, have discovered this young sensation, thanks to the huge success of the Top 40 single "Give It Up" back in 1998, being #1 three weeks in a row in French Canada and peaking at #29 in English Canada. Her first invasion on the dance music scene was with the hit "Try My Love", recorded and released when she was just sixteen. 

Jacynthe is by no means an overnight success. She has been working hard and fast to gain the popularity and respect she so treasures today. She spent her youth singing in choirs, including three years as the soloist in a gospel choir, and is an avid opera lover who is currently studying The Bel-canto, a highly respected opera technique. For over two years, Jacynthe has also sung the national anthems at all ĎMontreal Impactí soccer games including one for the NBA Vancouver Grizzlies. Her music has been included on several major compilation releases licensed worldwide. 

The attention the press has given Jacynthe is noteworthy, having done performances and/or guest appearances on national TV shows Dini Petty, Vicky Gabereau, Canada AM, Global Entertainment Desk, YTV, Rogers Cable and the Electric Circus as well as a full page interview in the Toronto Star and Vancouver Sun...and has been a part of two DISNEY TV Specials and a Celine Dion's TV Special from the Molson Center last April. .

Back in Canada, Jacynthe is sponsored by CHANEL, Johnson and Johnson, Kosiuko, Pegabo.  

If talent, personality, and beauty are the components by which success is measured, then there's no question - Jacynthe's got what it takes! Jacynthe is presently working on her 4th album in English and has been recording with producer/songwriters that have been responsible for the success of artists' such as; Ricky Martin, Bon Jovi, Celine Dion, Aerosmith, Kiss, Backstreet Boys, N'SYNC...